Open Theme Options

Open Settings

Installation of Open WordPress Theme and necessary plugins is finished.

Now it’s time to configure the other necessary settings ūüôā Open has a fantastic pwoerfull Admin Panel

Go to the Open Settings  and start configure Open WordPress Theme !

Open comes with a fantastic powerful Admin Panel in where you can update almost every part of the Theme. Just go to your WordPress admin panel and click on Open Settings.

From the Global Management sections, you can Manage/ Sort Section orders and overall color settings. Also you have options to put Custom CSS, Google Analytics Code and a big library of Google Fonts

Go to Open Settings > Customizable Section. In Customizable Section you can change your website Logo, Favicon, On/Off Back to Top, Admin Logo. Just upload your images and click save. Also you option to show or hide logo, favicon.

It looks like as follows.

Go to Open Settings > Social Section. In Social Section Place all the Social Usernames display in the Top Right of the Navigation bar.

It looks like as follows.

Go to Open Settings > Slider Section. You have ability to control your website slider at Slider Section.
To Show Slide on your website, you have to Create Slide First what will be shown here below of this part.

But in this section you can,

  • Turn off or on the ¬†slider to display
  • Show Slider menu on menubar and also choose the text for menu bar.
  • Create Slider by selecting few Images(Gallery)
  • Purchase Link
  • Learn More Link

Drag and Drop Slider Order

You can change/re-arrange the Slider Order. Click Add/Edit Gallery. If you’ve already selected few Images the you’ll see all Gallery Images. If not then Select few Images for Slider. Just Drag and Drop the Order like below

Go to Open Settings > About Us Section.

There are Two part on this section

  • About Us Section
  • About Service Section

which will be described below.


In this section, you have options to

  • Show or hide this section from Front Page
  • Display or hide in Menu bar
  • Title in Menu bar
  • Section Title
  • Section Sub-Title

All examples are given with the built in Demo data. You have to just edit them.

	Note: For Icon, Title, Animation & Description all will be seperated by parts with comma(,)

Go to Open Setting > Team Section .Team Section is also a big section like About Us section which is as follows.

In this section, there are three part as follows

  • Team Part


Team Part

The first part of Team section is Team Part from where you can turn off or on team section. you can add section title, section subtitle.

Add New Team Member

To add the Team member you have to go to Teams on the left side bar of admin panel and then choose, New Team Member . Put all necessary fields and then choose  the Team member Image as a Featured Image  See on the right bottom part for Fearuted Image.

Now Publish, You can add many team member accordingly as your requirements.

You can Sort Service Sections order from “Sort Services” like below:

You can control Portfolio Section  from Open Settins > Portfolio Section.
There are tow part as follows

  • Slider Part
  • Portfolio Part

The portfolio section looks like as following image. the all necessay step of this part are shown below of this iamge.

To show Clients Logo Gallery you have to on it rom Open Settins > Portfolio Section and then Add/Edit Gallery Buttons and then Upload and select necessary logos. and then Add to Gallery.

Go to Open Settins > Service Section. This section looks like other section but you have to Add Service from the left sidebar which will be show after this part.

Add Services 

Go to the Services from the left side bar and then click Add New Service and then add the necessary datas and icon. Then publish it. You can add more Service from here.

You can Sort Service Sections order from “Sort Services” like below:

Go to Open Settins > Pricing Section. This section looks like other section but you have to Add Pricing tables from the left sidebar. See below of this image.

Add Pricing tables

Go to the Pricing Tables from the left side bar and then click New Pricing Table  and then add the necessary data like

  • Currency symbol
  • Price
  • Fraction Price
  • Duration
  • Table Elements
  • Buttons Text
  • Button link
  • background Color/Table Style
  • Animation style

Keep in mind that the Table Elements will be each in one line to display in a new line like following

  1. < span>5</span> Domain Uses
  2. 14+ <span>WordPress</span> Theme
  3. 32+ <span>HTML</span> Template
  4. Unlimited <span>Bandwidth</span>

Then publish it. You can add more Pricing tables from here. In the Pricing Duration, If you don’t want to show the Duration in Hour/Day/Month etc…Choose Don’t Show.

Go to Open Settins > Blog Section. There are two part as follows

  • Blog Section
  • Blog Parallax Banner

Blog Section is for Front Page and Blog Parallax Banner is for Blog / Single page top Parallax Background banner.
This Parallax Banner is also for home page if you don’t change the default home page into Front ¬†Page from Reading of Settings.

Go to Open Settins > Contact Section. There are two section  inside Contact Section.

  • Contact Form Section
  • Contact Info Section

Contact Form Section

We have used a plugins known as Contact form 7 for contact form. If you don’t install this plugin, please install it, it’s free and you will get download details at Appearance > Install Plugins.

Now go to Contact > Add New and then click to Add New . 
Now put the following html on the Form box

<div class=”col-md-6″>
[text* your-name placeholder “Your name here”]

<div class=”col-md-6″>
[email* your-email placeholder “Your email here”]


<div class=”col-md-6″>
[textarea* your-message placeholder “Your message here”]

<div class=”col-md-12″>
<p class=”contact-form-elements”> [submit “Send”] </p>


and then Save. After Saving you will get a shot code like

  1. [contact-form-7 id=”18″ title=”Untitled”]

Copy that shotcode and create a New Page with that shotcode and give name of that page as contact-form like subscribe. And the again come to  Open Settins > Contact Section. Then add contact-form  from Select contact page.

Contact Info Section

Here you can add contact info like location, thelephone number, fax, email etc… you have option to choose icon for each part but there is a format you have to follow for this.

Demo Data’s are loaded by default just edit them and you’re done !!!

  1. fa-phone; +008 012345 67890

Here, Fist come is separate the icon, second comma separate the Title/Heading/Addresss/Details etc and the rest is as details.

have a look on the icon list and use the class/icon at first shown as above and give the other details and save ūüôā

Go to Open Settins > Footer Section. Here you will find the Google Map configuration option and footer Social Buttons and also the copyright info.

404 Error

Go to Open Settins > 404 Settings, set parallax image, 404 error title and sub title then save change.