MAMA Theme Options

Installation of MAMA WordPress Theme and necessary plugins is finished.

Now it’s time to configure the other necessary settings MAMA has a fantastic pwoerfull Admin Panel

Go to the MAMA Settings  and start configure MAMA WordPress Theme !

MAMA comes with a fantastic powerful Admin Panel in where you can update almost every part of the Theme. Just go to your WordPress admin panel and click on MAMA Settings.

From the Global Management sections, you can manage/sort Section orders and overall color settings. Also you have options to put Custom CSSGoogle Analytics Code and a big library of Google Fonts.

Go to MAMASettings > Customizable Section. In Customizable Section you can change your website LogoFaviconAdmin Logo. Just upload your images and click save. Also you option to show or hide logo, favicon.

It looks like as follows.

Go to MAMA Settings >Home Section. In  Home Section you can customize your homepage. You can hide it or visible it. You can hide your menubar and can add title.

Go to MAMA Settings >About Section. Control your About Us Section with this option. Change your button text, Background image with this option.

It looks like ;

Watch this Video for About Us Section:


Go to MAMA Settings>Services Section. Control your “Service Page”  with this option. Change your button text, Background image with this option and also include some data about your service.


Watch This Video for better Understand


Go to MAMA Settings>Team Section . Arrange your Team Page with Team Section. Change your Background image, Title and Description with this option.

It looks like following:


Watch this Video for Team Section of MAMA:

Go to MAMA Settings>Portfolio Section . Change your Portfolio Section Title and Description. Create a portfolio page and include it here.


With the help of portfolio button you can add unlimited portfolio as custom post type. Update version provides you to add portfolio details also.

Edit Portfolio Details page



 How To Create a Portfolio Page with MAMA?

Go to MAMA Settings>Blog Section . Edit your title and select your blog background image.

Go to MAMA Settings>Contact Section .Write down your Title, Sub Title, Address, Phone, Email and it will automatically arranged.

Go to MAMA Settings>Import / Export Options .You can import your data by uploading file or input a URL. Perhaps you can also export your data with this option.