MAMA ShortCode


Shortcode allows you many features into this theme. You must depend on shortcode for design MAMA.

Shortcode Generator helps you to do it easily. Without writing any code you can add code what you need.

Work with Shortcode

Go to your Dashboard>Pages>New Page and look at shortcode button. See the following image for better understand.

After clicking on this button a window will come to you. Just select your shortcode and add it.

Thus you can add shortcode any page where you need.

Add Counter With Shortcode :

It’s easy to add counter with shortcode. You can add counter any page where you need.

Follow the image and make a counter.

Add Pie Chats With Shortcode

Add Icon what you need by Shortcode

Select Icon into the shortcode menu and you can see many icon will come to you. Select any of them and it will apply.


How To Work With ShortCode of MAMA?