MAMA Installation

Installation of MAMA WordPress Theme is similar to the installation of  any other WordPress Theme. After purchasing MAMA WordPress Theme you will get a zip file  named MAMA_WP_ThemeForest_Pack v 1.0.0 and after extracting that zip file, you will get the main Theme zip file inside it named ““. Upload it using WordPess’s theme uploader and activate it. Depending on your settings, you can immediately see the Welcome blog page or landing page.

MAMA Installation Video

MAMA Homepage Settings :

Have a look on the installation steps as screen shot

Go to Deshboard and then, click to Themes from Appearance.

Then Click to Add New

Then Click to Upload Theme

Then you will get following page, Browse and then click to Install Now

If everything is okay, it will finish the installation and now you have to activate the theme.

You need to perform the following tasks to enable Landing/Home page.

After installing and activating MAMA, you need to perform the following tasks to enable landing page. otherwise it will show the blog page by default.

  • ​Go to WordPress Admin Panel’s Settings Menu, click on Permalink and pickup one (we suggest that you pick up “Postname”) and click on Save
  • Create a New Page with title Blog  and keep the content field blank. You do not need to select any page template, just Publish it. This page will be used to view blog posts.
  • Create another New Page with title Home, keep the content field blank and select Home Page form the Template  of  Page Attributes section on the left side.

  • Now go to Settings menu again and then click on Reading. Click on “A Static Page (Select Below)”. Then choose Home as Front Page and  Blog as Posts Page. And the rest is as you like and then click to Save Changes. Now the Home page will be the sites Front Page and Blog page will the page for Posts.

MAMA Required Plugins

After installing MAMA WordPress Theme, you will need to install some necessary plugins used by this theme. You will be suggest for those necessary Plugins to install or Go to Install Plugins from Appearance on the left side.