Custom Post Type

MAMA provide some custom post type. This post type wil help to arrange your website perfectly. You must need to know how this custom post type for arrange your website with MAMA.

There are 5 Custom Post Type option. This 5 post type works for 5 types of different works.

For example: I am going to describe how you arrange your post type perfectly. Look at the following image i have added 4 portfolio.

Now take a look how to create a portfolio. Click “New Portfolio” and then write your portfolio Title and set featured image. Set your portfolio category or create portfolio category, Just look at the following image for details.

There are 4 Page Layout of MAMA with a Default Template for special purpose.

  • Default Template
  • Full Width
  • Home Page
  • Portfolio
  • Section Page

You can make your page width full with “Full Width” Template.

When you create a homepage for your site you must choose “Home Page” Layout for it.

At the time for working with portfolio you should choose “Portfolio” Page Template.

Section Page” one of the most important and necessary Page Template for MAMA. When you click into “Section Page” Template you full layout will be changed and “Add New Section” button will come.Left Content Section and Right Content Section will come. Write down your content here and off course you have to work with shortcode.

After clicking into “Add New Section” button you can see something like the following image.

Take a look at the following image carefully and especially look at the Red Mark options.

If you click on “Add New Section” button you can see that a new saction created. You can create a New Section as much as you need.